2023 Racing Season and Schedule


NOTE that Racing activities for 2023 will primarily take place at Unity Race Way’s exciting new dirt facility on School Street, this year on Friday nights under the lights !!!  There is further potential for an occasional Saturday afternoon race date at “Git-Er-Done Raceway in Skowhegan, also a dirt facility !!!  We will post exact times & dates as they become available….


* (Note that participation in Fantasy Speedway’s individual ON TRACK racing activities (racing with us) is limited to current Fantasy Speedway members AND active members of other sanctioned vintage stock car racing clubs and associations offering comparable vehicles – (current membership card for your club is sufficient)

For some nineteen years now (2004), “Fantasy Speedway” folks have pursued the preservation of the earliest era of jalopy/bomber style stock car racing as it occurred here in the State of Maine.  (1949 thru 1964 era) !  Although many “vintage” stock car clubs operating here in northern New England and across the country seem to use an abundance of original era correct vintage automobile bodies mounted on much more modern “late model” or professionally built racing chassis, OUR hearts have remained with the original 30’s and 40’s cars and chassis that started it all in the very beginning. This earliest history deserves to be preserved, and we choose to take the lead.  Locating, building and preserving these more ancient automobiles requires significant effort and dedication, as rusty beginnings can require additional energies over newer more “modern” stock, for original stock and/or “racing” parts don’t very often arrive piece by piece in those brown and white trucks .  No, not for these 80 to 90 year old cars.  YET they remain available, they ARE out there still growing in the Maine woods and hiding behind the barn, tucked up in the north 40 just out of sight, or in the forgotten far end of that older junkyard !  Following leads, and listening when your friend mentions he “ran across an OLDE car the other day” often leads to the treasures with which we work !  Our members sometimes have era correct vintage race car candidates available, as well.  We all often haul these treasures home, just so they are not forever lost.

Memberships are available to those having special interest in our older race cars, or the racing times within which these cars once lived. It is not necessary to have your own early era vintage race car; you only need to love and appreciate them as we do. Check out the Membership page here on our site and contact us if you would like to be considered for participation in our club activities.