Membership in our organization is offered to those who appreciate and enjoy being intimately close to these special old race cars, and who wish to participate in and enjoy Association activities focusing on the way it was in the early days of stock car racing here in Maine.  Members of this organization are encouraged to restore or build their own early era vintage race car; but are not required to do so. 

Assistance and guidance is readily available for those choosing to do so.  Creating an authentic early era vintage stock car from an abandoned 70 or 80 year old vehicle, or what is left of an old race car, is part of the adventure that is Fantasy Speedway.  The excitement begins when you discover a lonely treasure hiding behind a barn or long lost in the Maine woods. 

It is a true delight to revisit engines that function well without a rocket scientist on board or computer intervention to even get it started.  Flip one switch powering the coil, push a starter button, release the clutch pedal, mash the gas, and you’re racing. 

Our entire operation functions financially on proceeds from membership fees, and any voluntary donations made to the organization.   To this point in our operation, we have been able to offer free entrance to race day activities for all currently registered members, as well as free food and drink on our regularly scheduled race days.  These member benefits are currently being extended to active members of other sanctioned vintage stock car racing or historical organizations. 


Membership Levels

(per calendar year)

Individual (18 or older)                                     $10.00

Individual & significant other                          $15.00

Individual & family – children under 18          $20.00

For further information call:

Alan Gassett                        420-5859

Ron Clark                           751-4002

Tom Clark                  410-703-7806