Mission Statement

Fantasy Speedway is an educational concept rather than a specific place, location, or facility.  Fantasy Speedway is an organization dedicated to the preservation of Maine’s early era (1949 – 1964) dirt track stock car auto racing history, and intends to accomplish it’s mission through the creation of a “Living Museum” environment in which we are able to familiarize today’s younger citizens with a racing era they were much too young to observe; provide realistic educational opportunities and experiences unveiling this rich racing history; and instill an appreciation of that more primitive time period and circumstance which gave birth and impetus to the stock car racing that we now see taking place in our State.  It is further our mission to assure that the educational experiences provided by Fantasy Speedway’s “Living Museum” environment are of an enjoyable nature that will encourage interest and support in this early period of auto racing history.

Specific Purposes, Functions and Activities
of this Club in support of the above mission.

1. This Club will support and preserve the history of early era dirt track stock car racing as it took place within the State of Maine in the 1950’s +/-.

2. This Club will present and demonstrate this history through the development of a “Living Museum” representation of that stock car racing era.

3. This Club will represent and/or replicate that stock car racing era as closely as possible with realistic examples and representations of these historic antique racecars.

4. This Club will develop or otherwise provide for realistic dirt track racing environments or facilities within which these examples of antique dirt track racing automobiles can perform as they once did.

5. This Club will promote, support, and facilitate the discovery and recovery of genuine antique automobiles, which were originally converted to racing configuration during the 1950’s; and their subsequent restoration to original racing condition.

6. This Club will promote, support, and facilitate the discovery and recovery of appropriate original antique automobiles for subsequent -restoration, restructuring, and conversion to a racing configuration replicating the dirt track racecars of the 1950’s.

7. This Club will establish cooperative and supportive connections with other vintage racecar organizations supporting the preservation of early era dirt track auto racing history.

8. This Club will promote enjoyment, fellowship, and family participation within our “Living Museum” environment.

9. This Club will provide for the good and welfare of all participants and their families, as well as such other and further purposes as may be permitted under Title 13b, MRSA.