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August 17, 2012

Just up on is Randy Lewis’s video from our July 22nd race day.  Randy is the worlds champion “Trackchaser” and his visit to Fantasy Speedway was his 1,776th track visited in 60 countries.

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Fantasy Speedway Track # 1776

Randy did our video in black & white to fit with the times.  A bit dustier than most of our race days, but the dust makes it more authentic for the formative years of stock car racing here in Maine.  The dust back then was often far worse !

(After viewing Randy’s work, you can view several other Fantasy Speedway videos which reside right there on, from our opening day in 2010).

– Randy Lewis – Track #1776 video #1

Fantasy Speedway – bombers and jalopys – Car #s 11 Barry Clukey, 62 Alan Gasset, 226, A1, 17 Travis Johns, 36 Tom Clark

Randy Clark’s first lap on Fantasy Speedway in # Lazy 6 & the other car is #36 ( driver unknown) Absolutely no track maint, no race day, no water, weekday.

Fantasy Speedway Race #1 – Car #s A1 Colin Sheilds, 62 AG, 17 TJ, 11 BC, 36 TC

Opening Race Day for Fantasy Speedway (year or two before public was introduced) – Car #s 33 Clarence Whitman, 22 Ron Clark, #13 Bonecrusher Robert Hills, 61 Dick McPhail, #Flyin’ 7 Mark Collins

Randy Lewis Video #2 Track #1776

Fantasy Speedway Race #5 – Car #s 16 Billy Boyle, A1 CS, 226 Richard Whitman, 62 Alan Gasset

Fantasy Speedway on Mainely Motorsports TV few yrs back (2011?)

Tribute to fallen driver Blackie Hilliard – Rocket #98

Fantasy Speedway 2010? 33 Erica Clark,420 Keith Smalley, Mark Collins Flyin’ #7, Jimmy Sprague #13

Fantasy Speedway in the Hermon, Sizzler – Ron Clark’s 52 GMC, 420 Keith Smalley, 226 Richard Whitman, 54 Clarence Whitman, 36 Tom Clark, A1 Colin Shields

2007 Beech Ridge Summerfest – Maine Vintage, Wicked Good, Fantasy Speedway & more..